Ginger Cricket Sweets

For those struggling to get their heads (or stomachs) around the concept of eating insects then disguising the buggy goodness in a batch of ginger chocolate sweets is the way forward.Ingredients:

20 pieces of crystalised ginger

4 oz dark chocolate

20 dry roasted crickets

Cover a tray or a plate with grease-proof paper before you start . Slowly melt the chocolate on a low microwave setting or in a glass bowl above a saucepan of boiling water. Hold a cricket and a piece of ginger, dip it into the chocolate and let the excess drip off. Place it on the grease proof paper and leave to cool and harden. Then hold the chocolaty side and re-dip it into melted chocolate. Leave again to cool and store in a cool air-tight container.


The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar – Isabelle

The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar

By Roald Dahl

I am really enjoying this story so far and I would like to read more of it. I think Imhrat Khan the Indian has a speaker in his ear and someone tells him where to go and what’s in front of him. 
I think what’s going to happen next is Imhrat Khan is going to go to the circus tent and do something dangerous and then Henry Sugar’s friends are going to go up to him while he’s reading the book and say that he can join in with the game now, then he’s going to leave and he’ll want to come back again to his friends house and continue reading the book.